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Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
I tend to zone out anywhere more tImes than I'd lIke to admIt. I lIke yaoI fanfIctIon but wIll not read/watch anythIng partIcularly embarrasIng whatever the topIc. I am also In the process of creatIng my own storIes to be publIshed at eIther,,,, or I haven't decIded yet. I do have one story In the process though, "A hard lIfe" on wattpad by my same name. I lIke to crochet but I don't thInk I'll be able to create anythIng 'new' or whatnot. I am a borIng person, but I am a very possesIve one. I am Interested In astrology and my sIgns are cancer In the AmerIcan ZodIac and the VampIre Bat accordIng to PrImal Astrology. I dIslIke myself therefore I wIll not descrIbe my physIcal appearence. I lIke Homestuck, Creepypasta, and Happy Tree FrIends so It Is safe to say I can be vIolent at tImes. I am a very contradIctory person as well. BesIdes that, there Is not much else of Interest resIdIng wIthIn that of myself. I wIll my banter by statIng thIs: I type /far/ older than I really am but that Isn't really necessary now Is It? :I Oh, I am also a grammar nazI. -w-

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anthony horrowitz, anything unrelated to sex- drugs- or alchohol, coraline, corpse bride, crochet, drawing, escaping into my mind, fanfiction, fiction, manga, smell of paper and fresh bread, touching paper, webcomics, writing
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